Centrify introduces integration with HashiCorp Vault

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Centrify introduces integration with HashiCorp Vault

Centrify can now be used to authenticate to HasiCorp Vault, a tool for securely storing and accessing secrets. Centrify integration centralizes access management to the Vault, increases visibility into the Vault access activity by capturing detailed audit logs, and protects against malware attacks by eliminating the need for locally stored access credentials. With Centrify’s Zero Trust Security Platform, user and service accounts can access the Vault by authenticating against any connected directory source including Active Directory, LDAP, Google Directory, or the Centrify Cloud Directory. Centrify’s integration also enables workflow-based access control, allowing users to request access to the Vault when needed. For example, you can grant and revoke temporary employee’s access to the Vault without creating permanent Vault access rights. Unlike most Vault authentication methods, Centrify’s method grants users temporary access to the Vault eliminating long-lived credentials that can be compromised through malware attacks. Using Centrify’s Zero Trust Security Platform, you can authenticate users to the Vault with their enterprise credentials whether deployed on-premises, in a DMZ, or in the AWS cloud.


To learn more about Centrify’s Zero Trust Security Platform or to start your free trial, please visit:


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