Getting Started FAQ - New to the community? Read me first

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Getting Started FAQ - New to the community? Read me first

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Welcome to the Centrify Community! We’ve put together a quick tour video and a short list of frequently asked questions to help new community members get started. 



If you have any questions regarding the community platform, please do not hesitate to contact me via the community private messenger.



Centrify Community - Getting Started FAQ


Terms of Service

Please also make sure that you've read and accept the Community Guidelines and Terms of  Service before using this site. Use of the Centrify Corporation Community Site indicates you accept the Community Guidelines and Terms of  Service. If you do not accept the Community Guidelines and Terms of  Service, do not use the Centrify Corporation Community Site.


Q. What is the purpose of this community?
A.  Centrify’s online community is your one-stop-shop for the latest technical insights and conversations. Connect with other Centrify users, industry peers and Centrify technical experts to ask questions, share knowledge and discuss best practices. While you may receive help from community peers and Centrify volunteers in these forums, please be sure to contact Centrify Support if you have an urgent technical question.


Q. Why should I register?

A. Registration for the community is free. You will be able to post in the Express forums after you register. In addition, Centrify Customers will be able to post in all discussion areas. Once you are logged in, you will be able to subscribe to different areas of the community and contact other users via the private messenger.


Q. I already have a Centrify web account. Do I need to register again?
A. No, your account also works in the community. Simply pick a community alias after your first login. This will be the nick name that you use to identify yourself to the community


Q. I have a technical question I'd like to ask the community, how should I get started?
A. Please start by performing a search to see if a previous discussion exists. The community may have already answered your question previously. If you cannot find an existing thread that answers your question, please start a new thread in the relevant discussion board. When writing your first post, please make sure to:

1. Initiate a new thread instead of replying to an outdated/unrelated thread
2. Write a short and clear title that summarizes the nature of your technical issue. This will help other knowledgeable users find and answer your question faster
3. Include all relevant error messages, system specifications and a detailed description of your technical question in the post. See this post for helpful tips on how to submit the right information when posting.

Q. How do I include a screen capture in my post?

A. Click on the “insert/edit image” icon to upload an image. Please note that a moderator may need to approve your uploaded image before it is displayed.. 


Q. What is the "Accept as Solution" button for?
A. "Accepted Solution" is a method to mark a reply that correctly answered the original question. When you mark a helpful post as an “Accepted Solution”, you are encouraging the author of this post by recognizing their valuable input. Marking a post as an "Accepted solution" will also help other users identify answers faster when using the search function. In order to avoid confusion, only the user who posted the original question and moderators are able to mark a reply as an "Accepted Solution".


Q. What is the star shaped “Kudos” button for?
A. "Kudos" is a positive rating system that allows you to give approval to posts you find helpful. When you click on the Kudos button, you are giving the message a thumbs up. Kudos is a great way to thank the author for a post that benefited you, and it will also help high quality posts stand out from the rest.


Q. Is it possible to post via my email client?
A. While it is not possible to start new topics via email, you can reply to subscribed threads via email. For more information, please see this post.


Q. How do I contact another community member privately?
A. Please use the private messenger if you would like to communicate with another community member outside of public discussion forums. You will be notified via email when you receive a community private message.


Q. Should I post my email address to have an expert user contact me?
A. In order to protect your online privacy, we recommend against posting the following information in a public forum post:

  • Your email address or phone number
  • Your support incident number
  • Any access credentials/serial numbers 

Please use the private messenger if you wish to send personal information to another user.


Q. How do I change my community user alias?
A. Please go to your account management page to change your community user alias. In order to maintain your identity to other community members, we recommend that you pick a customized user alias.


Q. How does the user ranking structure work?
The user ranking structure was developed to reward dedicated community members with recognitions and encourage participation. Your user rank appears under your username, and it is based on a combination of participation variables. For more information, please see this post.

Community Manager

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