Tips on how to submit the right information when posting

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Tips on how to submit the right information when posting

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Hello all,

As you probably know, we love to help and many of us use our spare cycles to help out in these boards.  I'd like to point out a few tips to make things more effective rather than having multiple postings sharing information.

a) Always post the basic info:
- OS and Architecture
- CentrifyDC/DA/Plugin version  (adinfo -v/dainfo-v)
- CentrifyDC status (adinfo -m)
- Using Hierarchical or Classic Zones  (adinfo --sysinfo zone)
- If it's an user issue, always verify that the user has an identity and a role  (adquery user, dzinfo)


$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5.8 (Final)
$ adinfo -v && adinfo -m
adinfo (CentrifyDC 5.2.0-218)
$ adinfo --sysinfo zone | grep Type
CN=Global,CN=Zones,OU=Unix,DC=centrifyimage,DC=vms (Type: Hierarchical  RFC2307 Standard Zone)
$ adquery user fredthomas fredthomas:x:1627391138:1627391138:Fred Thomas:/home/fredthomas:/bin/bash [fredthomas@engcen5 ~]$ dzinfo User: fredthomas Forced into restricted environment: No Role Name Avail Restricted Env --------------- ----- -------------- UNIX- Yes None WebAdmin/Global Effective rights: Password login Non password login Allow normal shell Audit level: AuditIfPossible Always permit login: false

b)  If it's determined that all Centrify components were working as expected and you find the answer in your environment (typo, overlooked setting etc), come back and let us know and mark your post as the solution.  Open threads sometimes are used by people that have very different issues.



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