[Webinar] Secure Access for Remote Admins and 3rd Party Vendors

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[Webinar] Secure Access for Remote Admins and 3rd Party Vendors

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NOVEMBER 1, 2017  |  11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET


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Tony Goulding
Tony Goulding
Director, Technical Marketing, Centrify

Whether they're employees, outsourced IT, vendors or managed service providers – granting remote administrators privileged access to your infrastructure introduces risk.


Join us as we explore 5 best practices that will improve your risk posture, while you enable remote access for your privileged users.


We’ll demonstrate how to stop the breach with the following Centrify capabilities that are powerful enough to protect an enterprise organization, yet built with the small and medium-sized business needs in mind:


  • Federated privileged access for 3rd parties
  • Targeted access to infrastructure without a VPN
  • Host-enforced privilege elevation across Windows and Linux
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