How to: Test SSO from the MyCentrify User Portal

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This video will show you how an end-user experiences the MyCentrify User Portal.Go to If you have configured your portal for silent authentication, it will open to the MyApps section without asking you to log in. Otherwise, login with your Active Directory credentials and Customer ID.


Click the Centrify app. It opens a separate browser window. On the first visit, you will need to enter the email address and password you used in Step 1 to download the installation package. Your browser should take you to the Account Settings page of this site. Close that window.


Ensure you are logged out of (click here to logout now). From the MyCentrify User Portal, click the Centrify app again. You should get straight into the Account Settings page without being challenged to authenticate.



For detailed instructions on this step and the step below: See "Adding a web app" in the Evaluation Guide.


Customer ID: Now that you've installed the Cloud Proxy Server you'll want to take note of your Customer ID. Run the Cloud Proxy Server Configuration application and look on the Status tab for your alphanumeric code.


Login to Centrify Cloud Manager at with the same Active Directory user account you used in Step 2 and your Centrify Customer ID.


From Cloud Manager you configure the Single Sign-On apps that your coworkers will see in their MyCentrify User Portal. For the sake of demonstration, we'll add an app allowing one-click Single Sign-On to this site, You already have a account from downloading the installation package in Step 1, so you'll be able to exercise Single Sign-On with this app in Step 4.


In the Apps page, click Add App. Right-click on, and select Modify. For the Map to User Accounts setting, click Prompt the user for their username. In the left pane, click User Access, select Everybody and then select Automatic Install. Click Save Changes.





Once the Cloud Management Suite has been installed, the server needs to be configured to make sure the Centrify Cloud Proxy Server is installed correctly and the service is running.


In the Cloud Proxy Server Configuration page, in the Advanced settings, enter as the cloud service address. Important: If you are also using Centrify DirectControl for Mobile, be sure to enter the beta address, which supports SaaS-related features.



How to: Install the Centrify Cloud Management Suite

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This video shows how to install the Centrify Cloud Management Suite in your network.

IMPORTANT: If you are already using the Centrify DirectControl or Centrify Express for Mobile , do NOT install Centrify Express for SaaS components on the same machine. During the beta period, Express for SaaS will use a dedicated beta version of the Centrify Cloud Service.


With this step, you're installing the Centrify Cloud Proxy Server, which connects your Active Directory to the Centrify Cloud Service, and the Centrify User Portal Proxy, an IIS application that enables silent authentication for users within your network. In the Web Application Settings page, specify "my" as the application name for the Centrify User Portal proxy, and choose ASP.NET 4.0 as the custom application pool.




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