With the growth of Centrify product offerings, we are investing in growing Centrify Developer base too. So, today, we are proud to announce the launch of the Centrify Developer Site. Centrify Developer Site will serve as a hub for newly introduced or updated SDKs, technical resources on integration, code samples, interaction with Centrify Developers and Developer community and more.


The following SDKs are available through the Developer Site:


Centrify User Suite SDKs


The Centrify MAS SDK to deliver ‘Zero Sign-On’ to enterprise users by integrating your Mobile applications with Active Directory and/or Centrify’s cloud-based User Service.


The Centrify SaaS SDK for SaaS applications to use Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to authenticate enterprise users with Active Directory and/or Centrify's cloud-based User Service to deliver ‘Single Sign-On’ experience.


Centrify Server Suite SDKs


The Centrify DirectManage Access SDK enables both in-house and commercial identity management and provisioning solutions to programmatically manage, administer, and provision the identity and rights control information that Centrify DirectManage stores within Active Directory


The Centrify DirectAudit SDK enables writing scripts to perform database rotation and attach or detach databases automatically.


We hope that resources on this site are valuable. If you have any feedback about the site or about the Centrify SDKs, or have any questions, please open a forum thread here.

Introducing Centrify Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) SDK v2.0

By Sumana_Centrify on ‎01-13-2014 10:33 AM - last edited ‎12-21-2015 01:52 PM

We are excited to share with you the following updates on Centrify Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) SDK v2.0. The new Centrify MAS SDK v2.0 extends Zero Sign-On (ZSO) for multiple native mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms in addition to Samsung KNOX platform (SDK v1.0). This opens up opportunities for mobile app developers to support Active Directory authentication support and make the applications Enterprise worthy.


If you are a mobile application developer who is exploring to add Active Directory authentication and ZSO capabilities into the application and want users to benefit ZSO across multiple mobile applications, here’s what you need to know:


- Newly available via Google Play and Apple Appstore, Centrify application provides Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) capabilities, as well as SSO functionality, for today’s most popular mobile platforms i.e., Android, iOS and Samsung KNOX.


- Centrify’s SDK v2.0 also includes pre-built login screens which eliminate the need to build custom login screens for mobile applications and provides a simple and consistent login interface. 

- Any native mobile application integrated with the Centrify SDK v2.0 can now take advantage of Zero Sign-On so enterprise users of these applications can skip entering credentials and more easily access authorized applications. 


For a quick demo on SDK v2.0 feature, watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUzm3tjgIdU

Start the integration today and make your app enterprise ready by integrating with Centrify MAS SDK. 


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