14.5/14.6 - Whats New

By Centrify on ‎08-29-2014 02:14 PM

What’s new in 14.5/14.6 for Mobile


New Features/Enhancements

  • Enable/Disable Samsung TIMA Key store usage. (The TIMA key store allows hardware backed storage of PKI keys)
  • Ability to apply VPN profiles to both the KNOX container and the device
  • Centrify mobile browser
    • We’ve now built a browser into the Centrify mobile app to better service webapps that are configured for SSO
  • Mobile client UI updates/enhancements
  • Bug-Fix to allow bulk enrollment with Cloud policy
  • Kiosk/Single-App mode for supervised iOS devices
  • Apple DEP support on iOS (enforces MDM enrollment before using device)
    • Customers can now leverage Apple’s DEP (Device Enrollment Program) to enforce MDM enrollment just after the device’s 1st boot
  • Improved application support on mobile devices (AOL, Jive)
  • Support for Juniper SSL VPN in KNOX
  • Tab support on Centrify mobile browser
  • Bug-Fixes for IMAP/POP3 settings on Samsung Devices


New Policies

  • Policy to allow/deny screen capture while in KNOX workspace mode
  • Policy to allow/deny booting into Recovery mode on Samsung devices
    • This prevents users from wiping a device to factory defaults by disabling device reset in the Recovery mode
  • Policy to allow/deny moving files between KNOX workspace and personal side of device

New in 14.4 is Kiosk mode for Samsung devices. 


Kiosk mode is useful for situations where the device needs to be locked down to a single app, or very few apps that the administrator specifies, and nothing else. This is a great solution for retail or education, where the devices are used by several people throughout the day, but theft and tampering are a concern.

With Centrify User Suite 14.4 you can configure a single application for kiosk mode, or (if more than one app is required) you can configure the Centrify agent as the launcher, and manage the applications from the User Suite console.

You can also configure the level of lockdown; such as allowing/denying status and notification bar, task manager, and multi-window access. More improvements to kiosk mode are coming in future releases.



This latest release of Centrify User Suite now provides Policy Services without the need for Active Directory. This means that you can now define both Users and Policies within the cloud service to enable both device configuration policy management as well as application single sign-on for your users.   


2014.1 ( 14.1 ) - What's New

By Community Manager Community Manager on ‎03-07-2014 06:01 PM - last edited ‎03-08-2014 10:34 AM

What is new in this release? 


Centrify for Mobile

  • Centrify has added support for device level KNOX VPN configuration which support FIPS modes
  • New Centrify Apps (14.1) will be available on the Apple store and Google Play store.
  • Please refer to the release notes for additional information after the update.

Centrify for SaaS


  • Centrify Policy Service – This is a major enhancement to the Centrify User Suite enabling IT to manage device policies entirely in the cloud. Centrify now provides the ability for both Users and Devices to be managed from either the Cloud Service or Active Directory based on the configuration options chosen by the Administrator. Centrify Policy Service will support full device management for iOS, Android and Samsung devices including management for Samsung KNOX containers. New Bulk upload wizard to populate many users in Centrify User Service
  • Support for Dutch Language
  • We now have more than 2000 Apps in our Catalog
  • Please refer to the release notes for additional information after the update. 

What is new in this release?


Centrify Cloud Service

  • Additional support for Multi-Forest environments
    • Two-way trust scenarios are now supported. One way trust environments are still not supported and will be available in a future release.

Centrify for Mac and Mobile

  • Enterprise App Store for iOS
    • Centrify now provides an Enterprise App Store for iOS users to be able to select approved applications for self service installation on their mobile device. This iOS App Store is delivered as a web clip application upon successful registration for device management services. Users will then be able to launch this app and see a list of mobile applications their administrator has configured for them via the Cloud Manager. 
    • Please refer to the release notes for additional information after the update.


Centrify for SaaS

  • Configurable user session timeout
    • Customers now have the ability to configure the period of time a user is allowed to stay logged in to the MyCentrify user portal
    • Additional App support
      • Refer to the list in the Release Notes.

Additional Proxy Servers can be added by anyone with Admin rights for your organization through the use of one time use activation codes. 


This release introduces support for Apple Volume Purchase Program for management of paid commercial iOS Apps. 


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