Configuring Centrify Browser Extension in Fire Fox ( Web Extension )

Configuring Centrify Browser Extension in Fire Fox ( Web Extension )

By Centrify Contributor I on ‎12-31-2017 05:40 PM

Note: Applicable to versions 17.8 and above

  1. Log in to Admin Portal using your system admin account.
  2. In the user name drop down menu click about to get the version number.
  3. Once the version number is determined click Downloads (In the user name drop down menu)
  4. Click the link for the Firefox browser.
  5. In the pop-up window, click Allow.
  6. The browser displays a dialog box for installing the browser extension.
  7. Click Install Now.
  8. A dialog box appears for restarting the browser.
  9. Click Restart Now to restart the browser and finish installation.
  10. After the browser restarts, the Centrify Browser Extension icon is added to the Menubar as shown.

    ( older version would add the extension to the toolbar )

  11. CBE-5.png
  12. In this new version you no longer need to go to about:config to configure tenant url settings.  

  13. Options to add the tenant url is  under “Add ons”  

  14. CBE-2.png

15. Centrify Browser Extension \ Options .

16. CBE-3.png

17. Once you click on “Options” this page will be open in a new tab

18. CBE-4.png

19. The browser extension is configured to work with the default Centrify identity platform URL— 

20. If the value is something different, or if you are using a test version of the directory service that uses a different URL, type the correct value and click OK.

21. Restart your browser to effect the new URL


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