Configuring Centrify SSO with Informatica ICS (SAML)

Configuring Centrify SSO with Informatica ICS (SAML)

By Centrify Contributor I on ‎06-29-2018 04:29 PM

Centrify Configuration


  1. Log in to the Centrify Admin Console as an Administrator
  2. Click on "Apps"
  3. Click on "Add Web Apps"


 Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.06.48.png



4. Click on "Custom" template tab

5. Click "Add" for SAML



Screenshot 2017-09-27 17.22.08.png



6. Click "Yes" to add application



Screenshot 2017-09-27 17.24.46.png



7. Open Configure Application Settings in Centrify Dashboard


 Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.10.00.png




8. Login to Informatica ICS SSO Dashboard



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.14.27.png




9. Navigate to "Administrator"



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.23.25.png



10. Click on "SAML Setup"



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.26.00.png




11. From Informatica ICS Portal click "Download Service Provider Metadata"



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.27.15.png




12. In Centrify Admin Console select "Download Metadata File" under Identity Provider Configuration



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.32.03.png



13. In Centrify Admin Console select "Choose File" under Service Provider Configuration

14. Upload SP XML metadatafile downloaded from Informatica ICS console

15. Click Save.



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.34.20.png




16. In Informatica ICS console select "Choose File.." under SSO configuration

17. Upload IDP XML metadata file downloaded from Centrify console

18. Click Save



Screenshot 2018-06-29 18.45.14.png



19. Logout as ICS administrator



Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.01.31.png




20. In Centrify Admin Console select "User Access"



Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.03.50.png



21. Select Roles that should have SSO access to the Informatica application



Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.05.31.png





 Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.05.46.png



22. Choose "Save" under Application Settings in Centrify Admin Portal

23. After saving application status should change from "Ready to Deploy" to "Deployed"



Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.08.09.png



24. Switch from Centrify Admin Console to User Portal and test SSO to Informatica application




 Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.10.56.png




Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.11.04.png




25. Verify successful SSO login and compare user profile account for correct mapping




Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.17.13.png




Screenshot 2018-06-29 19.16.37.png


26. Finished




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