Configuring Centrify SSO with MuleSoft (OpenID Connect)

Configuring Centrify SSO with MuleSoft (OpenID Connect)

By Centrify Contributor I ‎09-28-2017 04:11 PM

Centrify Configuration


  1. Log in to the Centrify Identity Platform as an Administrator
  2. Switch to Admin Portal
  3. Click on "Apps"
  4. Click on "Add Web Apps"


Screenshot 2017-09-27 17.14.56.png


5. Click on "Custom" template tab

6. Click "Add" for OpenID Connect


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.15.54.png



7. Click "Yes" to add application


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.17.57.png



8. Open Configure Application Settings in Centrify Dashboard


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.22.24.png



9. Login to MuleSoft Anypoint Platform SSO Dashboard 

10. Navigate to "Access Management"


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.24.05.png


11. Click on "External Identity" on the left-hand menu

12. Select "Identity Management" drop down

13. Select "OpenID Connect"


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.27.41.png



14. Select "Use Manual Registration"


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.30.49.png

15. Add redirect URI defined in Mulesoft to your Centrify configuration

16. Add Client ID (from Centrify) to Mulesoft configuration

17. Create Client Secret (from Centrify) and add to Mulesoft configuration


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.36.24.png




18. From Centrify Admin Portal copy "OpenID Connect Metadata URL" and paste into browser


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.43.52.png


19. Note authorization endpoint URL

20. Note user info endpoint URL

21. Note token endpoint URL


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.45.06.png



22. Paste URL values from Centrify to Mulesoft configuration 



Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.52.29.png




 23. Confirm Settings and Save in MuleSoft Anypoint


Screenshot 2017-09-28 18.57.27.png




24. Confirm Resource Application URL in Centrify Configuration


Screenshot 2017-09-28 19.01.22.png


25. Choose "Save" under Application Settings in Centrify Admin Portal

26. Make sure application status is set to "Deployed"

27. Test SSO in User Portal 



 Screenshot 2017-09-28 19.03.26.png


28. Confirm Successful Login


Screenshot 2017-09-28 19.05.32.png


29. Finished





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