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[How To] Configure auto-login for SaaS applications

[How To] Configure auto-login for SaaS applications

By Centrify Contributor III on ‎03-17-2017 05:18 PM

 If you are already using the Centrify Identity Service for single sign-on, then your users can easily configure automatic login for the websites that they frequent. This is very beneficial for users that are accustomed to saving credentials into their browsers, since they do not have to store the credential in the Credentials Manager or Keychain. With this auto-login feature, users can log directly into SaaS applications without having to go to the User Portal. When visiting a website, the User Name and Password fields will be filled in and then users will be automatically logged in when visiting the site.


To get started, dowload and install the Centrify browser extension that is version 17.1 or later. Click here to install it now.


If your account is in the System Administrators role, then you can go to the Admin Portal and download the browser extension for any browser by clicking your name in the top-right corner and selecting Downloads.



This will display the download links for all supported browsers.


browser extension downloads.png


You can also get this download by logging into your User Portal. If the extension is out of date or not installed, then you will be prompted to install it. Please see the picture below for an example.

 Install prompt.png


Now go to the Apps tab in your User Portal and click Add Apps. In the search box, type "Centrify Technical Support" and Add the application to your User Portal.


App catalog search.png


 After you close out of the App Catalogue, the Application Settings dialogue will appear. Check the box to Auto-login at site and enter your Centrify Support account's User Name, which should be your email address, and Password under User Identity. Click Save to store the credentials and application settings.  

Auto-login at site.png


 Instead of clicking the App tile in the User Portal, just open a new browser tab and go directly to the website. Type the following URL in your browser:




Click the Centrify icon that is displayed in the User Name field on the website.


website login page.png

 Now, select the account that you would like to configure auto-login for, check the box for Auto-Login, and click Go.


website auto-login.png


 Once you enable this option, you will be automatically signed in using the selected account the next time you visit the Centrify Technical Support website.


Note: This feature is not supported on the Safari web browser.

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