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[How To] - Integration Concur with Centrify Identity Service

[How To] - Integration Concur with Centrify Identity Service

By Centrify Contributor III ‎04-16-2017 04:41 PM

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The following is a step-by-step guide designed to help walk you through an integration of Concur to Centrify Identity Service. 


Install time ~ 1-3 hours



  • Concur account
  • Centrify Identity Service account
  • Active Directory
  • Windows Server for Centrify Connector (requirements below)


Let's get started


1) Log into your Centrify Identity Service tenant. 


5 - login page.png


2) Once logged on, you will be presented with Centrify’s configuration wizard. You can choose to use the wizard for general setup, however, for purposes of this guide, you can check the ‘Don’t show this to me again’ box and close the window. This will stop the wizard from appearing during the configuration process.


6 - wizard.png


3) Install the Centrify Connector following this guide: 




4) Next, we must create roles in Centrify to contain the users of the Concur application. Concur has two roles a user can be assigned: (1) administrator or (2) end user. For the purposes of this guide, we will create an administrator role for all the Concur administrators and an end users role for all non-administrator users (e.g. employees of a company). To create a role, navigate to 'Roles' -> 'Add Role'. Name the role 'Concur Administrators'. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.08.21.png


5) In the 'Members' tab, add the administrator users from your active directory. Members can be individual users or security groups with one or more users within the group. In this example, I've added the 'Domain Admins' group as the users who will have administrator access to Concur. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.08.55.png



 6) Add another role for Concur end users. Add the appropriate users from active directory as members to the role. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.09.18.pngScreenshot 2017-04-16 16.12.02.png


 7) Next, navigate to the 'Apps' menu, click 'Add Web Apps', then search for the 'Concur' application. Choose the 'Concur SAML + Provisioning' template by clicking 'Add'. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.17.05.png


8) Within the 'Application Settings' page, you will see the 'Identity Provider Logout URL' and 'Download Signing Certificate'. To enable single sign-on for Concur, you must contact your Concur customer success manager and provide them the following two configurations from your Centrify Identity Service console. Download the Centrify certificate and provide the file and the logout Identity Provider Logout URL to Concur. Concur will enable single sign-on and apply the settings to your Concur tenant. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.17.27.png


9) Next, open the 'User Access' tab. Select the Centrify roles you've created for Concur and click 'Save'. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.17.38.png


10) When Concur has completed enabling your Concur tenant for single sign-on, log into your Centrify Identity Service user portal. Click on the Concur application tile to confirm you are able to log into Concur. 


Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.18.56.png



We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, please use this forum thread as a resource or contact Centrify - https://www.centrify.com/about-us/contact/


Thank you!

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