How to Configure Risk Based Access Control - Using Analytics

How to Configure Risk Based Access Control - Using Analytics

By Centrify Contributor I on ‎03-25-2017 08:55 AM - last edited ‎05-02-2017 11:27 AM

Prerequisites   :              

1.    Need to have Analytics Entitlement.

  1. If you do not see one please request one from your account representative.



  1. Creating Authentication Profiles
  2. Log in to Admin Portal , Click Settings > Authentication
  3. Click Add Profile on the Authentication Profiles page
  4. Pic-2.png
  5. Select the authentication mechanism per your requirement and save the profile.
  6. Creating Authentication Rules
  7. Log in to the Admin Portal
  8. Click Policies and select the policy you want to edit or click "Add Policy Set" to create a new one
  9. Pic-3.png
  10. Under Security Policies > Login Authentication Select “Yes” in the “Enable authentication policy controls drop-down”.
  11. Pic-4.png
  12. Click on Add Rule, under “authentication Rule” define the conditions based on “Risk Level” filter and condition using the drop-down boxes as shown.
  13. Pick the “Authentication Profile” from the drop down you have created in Step-1 you want to apply if all filters and conditions are met in the “Authentication Rule”
  14. Pic-5.png
  15. You can define the authentication challenge requirements based on user risk levels “Low”, Medium” and “High” , For example, a user attempting to log in to a Centrify Identity Platform service (i.e. an application, user portal, etc.) from an unfamiliar location , the user can be prompted for an “authentication challenge” because the “Authentication Rules/ condition correlates with a medium risk level. When this same user attempts to log in from a familiar location, he is only prompted to enter a password. You can configure these requirements using authentication rules and authentication profiles in Admin Portal as shown above.


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