How to log into Linux with Google credentials

How to log into Linux with Google credentials

By Centrify Advisor IV on ‎10-19-2018 01:29 PM

This article will show you how Centrify can enable Linux to accept Google credentails for login, without having to add users locally. 



- Centrify Privilege Access Service (part of Centrify Infrastructure Services)

- G Suite domain


  1. Add Google as a directory in Centrify

Adding Google.png 


  1. Prepare your Linux system

Enable the following two settings in /etc/ssh/ssshd_config

  • PubkeyAuthentication yes
  • PasswordAuthentication yes


  1. In the Centrify Admin Console, create a new Role called “Linux enrollment”

  • Add your Centrify admin user as a member of this role.
  • Add the Administrative Right: "Linux System Enrollment"

Linux enrollment.png 


  1. Download and install the Linux Agent

In the Centrify Admin Console, go to Downloads on the left column and download the Linux Agent installer for the corresponding Linux flavor.

Linux download.png 


  1. Enroll the Linux system into Centrify 



  1. Enable permissions for the Google/Centrify/AD users to log into Linux system

Note: The first time you log in you must use user@domain format. Afterwards you can use shortname.


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