How to push WiFi Settings via Centrify's Cloud Policy Service

How to push WiFi Settings via Centrify's Cloud Policy Service

By Centrify Contributor III on ‎12-28-2016 10:20 AM

Want to configure wireless settings for your users without having to manually touch each device? With the Centrify Identity Service, WiFi settings can be pushed to Mac, iOS, and Android mobile devices using policy. All of these devices will need to be enrolled in your Centrify cloud tenant and Mobile Device Management must be enabled before policy can be applied to these devices.


Note: The policy used in this blog post will not work for Samsung KNOX devices. Please use the Samsung KNOX specificy policy sets to configure wireless settings for these devices.


To create a Wi-Fi profile for mobile devices, go to your Mobile Device Policies > Common Mobile Settings> Wi-Fi Settings.


Wi-Fi Settings.png


Once you get to the Wi-Fi Settings, click the "Add" button to configure a new Wi-Fi profile. A box will appear and  you will land on the General tab, where you can enter the wireles network's SSID, security type, and password (if needed). You can also choose the "Hidden network" checkbox if your SSID is hidden in your environment. Also, you have the ability to configure this wireless profile for all device platforms or choose to appy this profile on only iOS, OS X/macOS, or Android devices.


Now depending on the security type of your wireless network and how that network authenticates users, you may need to click on the Protocol tab and select the EAP type, specify the identity/username, and upload a certificate.




If you are creating a profile for iOS or Mac, then you can also configure a proxy by clicking the Proxy tab. Proxy information can be included manually or automatically via URL. If you need more information about this policy and how to configure it for your Wi-Fi network, then please click the Help tab.


Once you have your Wi-Fi Settings configured and click the "Save" button, all of your enrolled devices will get this new wireless configuration after 15 minutes (by default) if the policy applies to that specific device. To force the new settings to be pushed out immediately, then you can go to the Admin Portal Policies and press the "Push Policy" button.


Push Policy.png


Depending on the wireless configuration, you may see the managed mobile device prompt the user for more information, like a password, to finish setting up the Wi-Fi. After everything has been configured correctly on the device, your users can start using the new wireless configuration.



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