Make an internal website accessible without VPN

Make an internal website accessible without VPN

By Centrify Advisor IV ‎09-10-2018 02:44 PM

Centrify's App Gateway provides the ability to access internal web apps or intranet sites without a VPN. This help to provide just the right amount of access to third party vendors, or convenient access to internal resources from a non-work computer. 

App Gateway architecture.png 


You must have a Centrify Connector installed on the same network where the internal web app or intranet site resides. 



  1. In the Centrify web admin console, go to Apps on the left column, then click on the Add Web Apps button.
  2. Select the web app or type of website you are adding from the Search or Custom tab, then click the Close button.
  3. Configure your internal web app/website.
    • For SAML web apps, configure: Settings and Trust sections for single sign-on access.
    • For websites with shared passwords, follow these instructions.
    • For non-SAML web sites that uses individual passwords,  follow these instructions.
  4. Go to App Gateway, then enable. Select “Use this Centrify generated external URL for application access on or off the corporate network” , then click Save. You can choose to use a custom URL and certificate if you already purchase a domain and certificate for this web app/ gateway config.png
  5. Go to Permissions, then assign the web app or intranet site to the desired role(s) that should have access to the web app.
  6. Wait about 30 minutes for DNS to propagate. Test by using a different Internet connection or test from outside the network.
  7. On the left, go to Settings > Network > Corporate IP Range.
  8. Click Add. Give the range any name you want. Then copy and enter the displayed Current IP address into the IP Address field. This will redirect users to use the internal URL when they are inside your network.

For additional security, configure the Policy section to add multi-factor authentication.

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