This article describes an approach to integrating Centrify Server Suite for UNIX with a third-party MFA solution. We'll focus on PingID MFA from Ping Identity as our example. This approach is unique in that it does not rely on Centrify Identity Service as the third-party MFA integration point. Rather  the target UNIX operating system serves as the integration point. The integration is enabled through a combination of the Centrify Server Suite Unix agent the PingID MFA Unix PAM library. The key points this article conveys are:

  1. The recommended approach  to implement a third-party MFA with Centrify Server Suite is through Centrify Identity Service. Whenever a CSS MFA policy is triggered, CSS UNIX agent calls into CIS which in turn brokers the request to the third-party MFA;
  2. For customers that don’t want to implement CIS to enable third-party MFA for their Unix systems, it is technically possible to configure a third-party MFA PAM module with the CSS UNIX agent without relying on Centrify Identity Service. However, there are several technical dependencies need to consider. Section 4 addresses some of the risks and issues with this approach.

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