Repositories for Yellow Dog Updater Modified (YUM) or the Advanced Package Tool (APT) are now part of every IT Infrastructure department's arsenal.  They provide foundational services for deployment and automation of software.  Centrify has traditionally shipped all the native packages for each supported platform, this means any customer (Express or Commercial) should be able to download software from the Download Center and integrate it to their existing orchestration and package management solution.


In many cases prospects and customers ask us how can we help integrate with their existing [Bladelogic | Satellite | Chef | Puppet | System Center | Casper |  other]; the answer is very simple:  "We give you the native package";  however, this may not be enough.  In the "Orchestration basics" series we will write a set of articles that lay the foundation for these services.  


We will start by teaching you how to set up your very own YUM repository to support RHEL and derivatives.  This should be good for the following platforms:  CentOS, Citrix XenServer,Oracle Linux, RHEL, Fedora and Scientific Linux on i386, x86_64, PPC, S/390x and Itanium.  We'll add other strategies like APT, HTTP and NFS as well.


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