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Office 365 TechCenter

Office 365 TechCenter

By Centrify ‎11-28-2016 10:56 AM

This following Office 365 video series is designed to guide system administrators through the A to Z’s of Centrify for Office 365, with practical information on everything from preparing Office 365 tenants to Active Directory set up and configuration.



Part 1: An Introduction to the Centrify Identity Service and Centrify for Office 365


We provide a brief overview of both the Centrify Identity Service and Microsoft Office 365. A quick introduction of how the two can be integrated together to give the most comprehensive and convenient user management for O365 Administrators, while simultaneously presenting a seamless experience for end-users.


Part 2: Components of the Centrify Identity Service


In this short video we run through the three core components that make up the Centrify Identity Service; the Centrify User Portal, the Centrify Cloud Manager and the Centrify Cloud Connector. We show how each component fits into the infrastructure and what the user experience will be when interacting with these components for both Microsoft Office 365 as well as other SaaS applications.


Part 3: The Different Account Types of Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 offers a range of different account types to serve the wide array of domain environments that exist in the corporate world. This video will run through each type of account and their login flows, and then demonstrate how the Centrify for Office 365 application can be incorporated to provide a consistent user experience - no matter what type of O365 account is used in the environment.



Part 4: Readying your Office 365 to work with the Centrify Identity Service


In this video, we provide a brief introduction to the Office 365 Admin Center, then a walk through the Office 365 tenant's domain and DNS registration steps. Finally, we show where and how to enable Directory Synchronization in Office 365 for integration with Active Directory.


Note: A detailed walkthrough can also be found in the Knowledge Base of the Centrify Support Portal: 
- KB-5053: How to configure Office 365 and integrate with Centrify for automated user provisioning



Part 5: Readying your Active Directory to work with Office 365 and the Centrify Identity Service

We provide the best-practices for getting your Active Directory environment ready to allow AD users to seamlessly authenticate into their federated O365 accounts. We also detail the minimum requirements needed for successful user and group syncing when Centrify Provisioning is used.

A detailed walkthrough can also be found in the Knowledge Base of the Centrify Support Portal: 

For a full list of attributes that are synced when Hybrid Mode is enabled, see also:
- KB-4901: List of AD attributes that are synced into Office 365 cloud with Centrify provisioning

We detail the steps needed to prepare rich O365 clients such as Outlook and Skype for Business / Lync for use with Centrify for Office 365. We also provide the minimum requirements needed to allow AD users the ability to single-sign-on into their O365 environments using IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication).

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