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Yubico TechCenter

By Centrify on ‎11-28-2016 10:56 AM - last edited ‎08-20-2018 01:01 PM

Yubico and Centrify together provide context-based, adaptive authentication across enterprise users and resources. Whether it’s for PIV-based authentication, OATH One-time passwords, or as a physical NFC token for mobile devices — Centrify and Yubico provides IT the flexibility to enforce security without user frustration.


Centrify can leverage the YubiKey for use cases such as:


  • Smartcard AD-based log in to Mac or Linux
  • Re-authentication for privilege escalation on Windows
  • Smartcard login to Centrify’s cloud service for SSO, Secure Remote access, or administration
  • YubiKey OATH OTP for as a second factor for secure SSO to individual cloud applications, or to a portal of cloud apps
  • YubiKey as OATH OTP for MFA to servers for privileged session control
  • YubiKey as physical NFC token for MFA to secure access to apps on mobile devices


Here are the main topics covered in this TechCenter:


 SSO with Centrify and Yubico Video



Centrify and Yubico Integrations Overview Video




How to Secure SSO to Servers and Password Checkout with OTP Video




Yubico Deployment Guide

A step by step configuration guide for configuring Yubico with Centrify for Certificate based authentication or Yubico OATH-HOTP.




Centrify and Yubico Solution Brief

The rise of cloud and mobile means that business employees are using more varied devices than ever to access an ever-growing number of cloud and on-premises apps — each with their own username and password. Centrify and Yubico provide a frictionless security solution that eliminates passwords, bolsters security, and provides secure access to apps, devices, and IT resources. 



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